January 25, 2021

Shelf Styling Tips

shelf styling tips

Hi friends! Today I wanted to talk about how to achieve that perfect #shelfie. I know that shelf styling can be intimidating for a lot of people. To be honest, it isn't my favorite thing to style either, especially because my OCD can kick into overdrive while I'm doing it. But it's not all that hard once you stop overthinking it. So here are some of my quick tips:

Personally, I think less is more when it comes to styling your shelves. You want to give the objects some breathing room and not cram a bunch of items onto the shelf. So just keep that in mind as you go about your styling.

Okay, so first you should pick a color scheme. For mine, I chose some neutral shades with black as my accent color. I then made sure to incorporate that accent color on each main shelf in a zig-zag pattern.

Next, be sure to use varying heights and sizes to add visual interest; taller objects to draw the eyes up, and smaller ones to draw them back down. Books are a great way to add height to smaller objects. On a similar note, I like to zig-zag my tall objects on each shelf as well. Try to avoid having all the tall objects lined up on top of each other.

I also like to use different types of textures. Here, I've incorporated wood, concrete, earthenware and metal.

Next, layer in artwork to add depth. I like to print and frame affordable art from Etsy. That way, it's super easy to change out the artwork to reflect the seasons.

I then like to add in some greenery and call it done. But there's actually one more step: edit, edit, edit. Don't worry about getting it right the first time. I constantly have to step back and assess how I like the look. In fact, even after I thought I was done and snapped these photos, I went back and edited my base shelf because I thought it looked too busy. So just play around with it until it's to your liking.

That's it! I hope this helps and takes out some of the stress of shelf styling. I've also included some of my favorite shelf-styling decor at the end of this post. Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you use any of these tips for your shelfie. You can also check out my reels there to see these shelves being styled in action.

shelf styling tips

shelf styling tips

shelf styling tips

shelf styling tips


November 30, 2020

Kids Advent Calendar

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Last year, I was inspired by this advent calendar idea and wanted to do something similar with my kids, but I ended up feeling pretty sick during the holiday season since I was pregnant. So this year I want to give it a go because I really want my kids to understand the true meaning behind Christmas. I searched Pinterest for some ideas and came across this blog post and loved how she incorporated bible verses for each day. So I basically decided to combine the two ideas for this year's advent calendar. I used Katie Lamb's Photoshop Template to create our daily acts of kindness and have included them here if you'd like to use them yourselves. Be sure to tag me on Instagram so we can do it together!


November 27, 2020

Gift Giving with Rellery

This post is sponsored by Rellery. All reviews and opinions expressed are my own.

With Black Friday officially kicking off the holiday shopping season, I wanted to talk gift-giving. With so many people on your list, it can be challenging to figure out what to buy for your loved ones. And if you're like me, I hate buying a gift just to give a gift; I want to give something that the recipient will actually use, and major bonus points if it's something meaningful. I think we can all agree that those are the gifts that are most appreciated and won't get returned in January. 

So let's talk about Rellery. What I love about this brand is that it combines two of my favorite ideas for gifting the women in my life: jewelry and personalization. I mean, what woman doesn't like jewelry? Add something to make it personal, and you have a truly meaningful gift. Each piece of jewelry is also beautifully packaged in a blush pink box, which I really appreciate because the packaging is part of the gift! The pieces also come with a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry looking new. 

I chose three pieces of jewelry, a necklace, bracelet and ring, and they were each beautiful. One of my sisters loves sunflowers, so I decided to get her this beautiful sunflower necklace in the 18k gold over sterling silver with her initial engraved. I chose the bar bracelet for my other sister, also in gold, with her birthday engraved on one side and her name on the other. I truly can't wait to gift these pieces to each of them. And then I also picked out a little something for myself: this signet ring, engraved with each year of my kids' birth. What mama can resist such a meaningful gift?!

So if you're looking for personalized jewelry to gift your loved ones this holiday season, be sure to check out Rellery's beautiful selection, and be sure to take advantage of their Black Friday sale!


November 16, 2020

Holiday Living Room With Joss & Main

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click and/or make a purchase through these links, I may make a commission from click and/or purchase. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that we're more than half-way through November, I'm in full blown holiday mode. This time of year is my absolute favorite. It's such a special time of year where we can all slow down and spend quality time with our loved ones. I don't know about you, but when I think about the holidays I imagine food, family, Christmas music and movies, and hot chocolate; an overall feeling of coziness. And with all that family time being spent at home (especially this year, #2020) I love to cozy-up my living room with just a few simple updates. Read on for some of my favorites from Joss & Main below.

Let's first talk about rugs, one of my favorite categories. Rugs are so important to ground a space, and for the colder weather, I'm loving the deeper neutral tones. I've been eyeing this rug for a while now. I absolutely love the beautiful olive tones and the overall pattern of the rug. It's definitely a rug that's on my current wish list. This one is also stunning, but if you're into lighter neutrals, this is a beautiful option.

Next, I like to "cozy-up" my walls. Never underestimate how a piece of art or even an oversized wall clock can add warmth to a space. You also can't forget about lots of cozy throw blankets and pillows. This is one of the easiest changes you can make to set the vibe for the seasons. I linked some of my favorites ones below. I also like to have either baskets or a storage bench on hand to keep all my extra blankets and pillows (the bench is a great option because it provides extra seating).

As you can see, it's super easy to cozy up your living room for the holidays with just a few simple swaps. What are some of your favorite ways to freshen-up your living space to get into the holiday spirit? 


August 29, 2020

Favorite Fall Finds

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click and/or make a purchase through these links, I may make a commission from click and/or purchase. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

With September right around the corner (yay!!), I've got Fall on the brain. And right now Target is KILLING it with the Fall decor. A lot of this stuff tends to sell out fast, so if you've got your eye on something, try to snag it sooner than later. I've rounded up some of my favorites, just click on any image below to shop! 

Porch Resources: Hello Doormat :: Chandelier :: Wall Lantern
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