May 19, 2017

Week 36 Bumpdate

Photo by Jordan Zobrist
Maternity Dress found here

So you know how some women carry pregnancy really well and just look so cute with their adorable little bumps? Well I'm definitely not one of them (LOL). I am officially 9 months pregnant and not only does it certainly show, but man am I feeling it! I don't remember being this uncomfortable with Adam; maybe I'm bigger, or maybe it's because this time I'm chasing a toddler all day, but it's just getting miserable (I don't want to be a complainer but I'm just keepin' it real). Yesterday I went out to run some errands and for a second I thought I was maybe going into labor; the frequent cramps (Braxton Hicks?) made me think I was having contractions. Who knows. I mean, as much as I am SO ready to not be pregnant anymore, she needs to stay put for just a bit longer.

May 16, 2017

Baby Girl Sprinkle

pink and white baby girl sprinkle tablescape
A few days ago we "sprinkled" baby girl with love the day before Mother's Day, so it was a pretty special weekend. The event was held at the Culver Hotel, one of my favorite spots in LA (one of my very first blog posts was actually about the hotel and I had my 30th birthday party there as well). The decor in the Parisian Room is right up my alley: bright and white, perfect for a bridal or baby shower. We had a buffet style brunch with fresh squeezed OJ, fruit and berries, fresh baked croissants and pastries, scrambled eggs, brioche French toast, applewood smoked bacon, sausage links, rosemary roasted potatoes, Caesar salad with grilled chicken, coffee, tea and mimosas for the non-preggos. Unfortunately, I was still recovering from a weird, 8-hour stomach bug I caught late Thursday night, so I wasn't in the mood to feast, but everything looked so good!

The dessert table had a pink and white theme with yogurt dipped pretzels, powdered donuts, cake pops, Rice Krispies and a naked white cake with vanilla custard from Angel Maid Bakery (seriously the best cake ever, this place does not disappoint!)

For the activity, my sister asked guests to fill out a message on the front and/or back of a diaper for those late night changes (sign can be found here). The invitation also asked guests to bring a book instead of a card with a message for baby on the inside cover, which I absolutely loved; I already have a nice little start to her library!

Finally, guests were sent home with a bottle of OPI's "It's a Girl" nail polish as a party favor (click here for a copy of the "Mani Thanks" sign).

A huge thank you to my mom and sisters who put everything together, down to the centerpieces, Rice Krispy treats and cake pops! Everything turned out beautifully and now it's time to meet this baby girl in just a few short weeks (yikes!)

May 9, 2017

ToteSavvy & Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review

ToteSavvy Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review
Diaper bags: I've gone through my fair share of them at this point, because when you leave the house with a baby, you only need to remember 83458584 items, even if it is just a quick errand, because you neverrrr know. But sometimes you get tired of lugging around the diaper bag and miss those things you had pre-baby: purses! So when I heard about how you can turn almost any purse into a diaper bag with ToteSavvy, I was really intrigued. But I held off because I thought $75 for a diaper bag organizer was honestly kind of steep. But then I had a playdate with one of my cousins and she happened to have one and convinced me to buy it. So I waited until they had a sale (they almost always do, right now they have 20% off!) and finally pulled the trigger. So far I've been using it with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM but I was previously using it with the Neverfull MM so I've included photos of both for comparison. It is a tighter fit with the MM, but it definitely still works! Also, A doesn't require as much stuff as he did before, so I actually have some spare pockets. However, I don't know if it would work once baby comes along and I need stuff for both kids. But for my current situation, it definitely works and is a nice break from the diaper bag.

May 4, 2017


A couple weeks ago we headed up to Portland for a 4-day trip. George was going to Oregon for a guys golf trip, so I decided to crash trek along a few days in advance to explore Portland. We did bring A with us, which probably wasn't the best idea, because that meant I had the lovely experience of traveling back to LA alone with a 2-year old, 8 months pregnant. But that's a story for another time...

The nature in Portland is truly beautiful. We got to see the waterfalls, but since we did have a toddler with us, we didn't do the hikes, which I think would have been a lot of fun. In terms of the city itself, TBH, I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe it's just because we've now seen so many big cities (DenverVancouverSeattle) and the fact that we live in LA, but they all kind of look the same at this point. Or maybe it's because we were traveling with a toddler and I'm 8 months pregnant. But I think I'm good on "city vacations" for a while, and will stick to road trips to resorts, especially with baby #2 on the way. Unless it's Charleston, South Carolina, because that is definitely a city on my must-see list.

May 1, 2017

April Recap

I know I always say this, but how is it already May? I really don't feel like I can keep up with time anymore! That means I'm officially due next month, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. This pregnancy seemed to fly by in the beginning, but now that I'm huge and in my 3rd trimester, I feel like I've been pregnant for the last 2 years, so I'm ready to have this baby!
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