July 21, 2017

Hannah's Newborn Photos

We had Hannah's newborn photos taken when she was twelve days old. They were taken by Jordan Zobrist, who also did our family photos last year as well as my maternity session for Hannah. Honestly, I was lacking the motivation to do this shoot just 2 weeks postpartum (who wants to take photos when they're chronically sleep deprived?), but I'm so glad we did. The newborn phase goes by SO quickly and I feel like she's changing everyday, so these photos are something I'll always cherish.

July 20, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Tomorrow is the first day of public access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Last week I rounded up my picks for #MomLife, so today I'm picking everything else! From clothes and accessories to baby and home decor, I've rounded up all my favorites. So if you've been patiently waiting to shop the public sale, check out my picks below.

July 14, 2017

Hannah's One Month Update

Sweet Love, 

It's been one whole month since you arrived and stole my heart. The time has passed all too fast, and yet it also feels like you've always been here, like you've always belonged, and like my soul already knew yours. As deliberate as I try to be to soak in each moment, I still feel like time slips away from me and that it's never enough. So here we are, at one month (what will I do at a year?!)

July 13, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Picks for #MomLife

Anniversary Sale Mom Life

Today is the first day of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Early Access. I went straight for the activewear because #MomLife and #BabyWeight. Next I'll be on the lookout for nursing-friendly ("normal") clothes, so stay tuned for more picks. For now, you can shop my athleisure picks below. Just be sure to buy soon because items ALWAYS sell out fast during this sale!


July 6, 2017

Egyptian Moghat

Since having Hannah, my mom has been encouraging me to drink up my moghat, just as she did when I had Adam. And what exactly is this drink, you may ask? Well, I had the same question. Moghat ("moe-gat") is commonly used in Egypt by women who have just given birth in order to promote lactation. According to Wikipedia, its scientific name is Glossostemon bruguieri, and it's a shrub with thick, long tapering roots found in Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Morocco. The dried peeled roots are what's used in traditional medicine and for nutritional value. It is believed that the use of this root can be traced back to Pharaonic times. (cite)
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