March 12, 2013


Ever since I discovered Pinterest I've become consumed with DIY projects.  I can't tell you the countless projects I've re-pinned, knowing that I'll never have the time (or patience) for them; I'm not exactly the creative type.  Of the few projects I've actually attempted so far, this one is my favorite.  When my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I wanted to give him something thoughtful and creative.  Since the first anniversary is traditionally known as the "paper anniversary," I knew this project would be perfect.  Here's how to turn your wedding song into art.

What You Need

1.  A canvas in the size you want

2.  A frame to fit your canvas

3.  Mod Podge in a matte finish (FYI before this project I didn't even know what
     Mod Podge was, but it's basically a craft glue)

4.  A foam brush

5.  A tea bag steeped in some water

Step 1:  Download the sheet music for your wedding song.  I bought mine (Michael Buble's version of "The Way You Look Tonight") from here.

Step 2:  Your sheet music will be printed on a few sheets of paper, so cut each line and tape the pieces together in a layout that is proportionate to your canvas size (this will be important for step 3, when you enlarge the print to your desired size).

Step 3:  Have your layout enlarged to your desired size.  I had mine done at Kinko's for a size of 16 x 20 (I ended up trimming the edge).

Step 4:  The fun part.  Place your enlarged sheet on something that will absorb liquid (I just used towels).  To give your paper that antique feel, steep a teabag in water for a few minutes.  Then use the bag as a "brush" across your paper and allow to dry.

Step 5:  Once dry, glue your paper down to your canvas with your Mod Podge and foam brush.

Step 6:  In order to get the canvas to fit into my decorative frame, I (i.e., my husband) removed the canvas from its wood frame so that all I was left with was just the canvas itself.  Place into your frame and now you have your own unique piece of art!

{Project found here}

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