July 2, 2014


Yesterday was Day 1 of my "social media cleanse."  Videos like these have gone viral (via Facebook, ironically) and have made me realize that I'm guilty of not "looking up" and being in the moment.  The fact that I'm so attached to my phone that I feel "naked" without it has actually bothered me for quite some time.  The first cellphone I ever had was a Nokia that was only good for two things: making calls; and playing snake (which was THE most amazing game, btw).  But I never felt the attachment to that phone as I do to my iPhone, and it's due to the advent of social media and our ability to instantly connect to the world via the web.  Ironically, though, "social" media seems to be making us quite anti-social.

So in an effort to be more present in my life, I'm "cleansing" myself of Instagram and Facebook, my two biggest time wasters, for a month.  It's kind of like a social experiment on myself to actually BE social with those around me as opposed to those on my IG/Facebook feed.  So here's to looking up and living #inthemoment



  1. Good luck! I often feel this way about social media, especially Facebook and twitter!

    1. Thanks, it will be an interesting challenge...

  2. good luck!! my husband has been asking me to give up instagram just for a week and i always tell him i cannot do it. it's sad but true. i definitely want to know how it goes!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

    1. LOL trust me, I know, because even when I decided to do this, I was thinking, "can I even...?!" But it's been about a week now and so far, so good!


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