August 31, 2016

Whole 30 Review

If you've been following along on my blog, you know that I started Whole 30 this month (click here for Week 1 UpdateWeek 2; and Week 3).  Now that I'm (finally) done, I wanted to share some final thoughts.

First things first, because I'm sure it's what everyone wants to know, my stats.  I lost:
  • 7.4 pounds
  • .5 inches off my thighs
  • 2 inches off my hips
  • 1 inch off my waist
I'll admit I was hoping to lose more inch-wise (even though the diet isn't supposed to be about weight loss), BUT, my clothes fit me so much better.  AND, I can really see my progress from my before and after photos. If you're going to do this, take those photos! You'll see how your body composition really changes. I should also mention that I didn't really work out during the month, so I can't help but wonder how much more progress I would've made had I exercised.

Like I've mentioned in other updates, I never feel bloated which is such an awesome feeling. Truth be told, I'm afraid to deviate too much off of the plan because I don't want to resort back to my old ways. But it is a difficult lifestyle to maintain, so I will probably pick and choose which parts work for me. Because of this program, I will now pause and think about which foods are really "worth it" to me if I want to splurge. Before, it was a free for all. Now, I will be more thoughtful about what I'm eating.

People have asked me if I would do the program again and my knee-jerk reaction is, "no". But on second thought, it may be something I would do once a year, or perhaps 2-weeks before a vacation where I know I'll have to sport a bathing suit.

Some days were easier than others, but I felt like the most challenging days were weekends where you're attending social gatherings and there's temptation all around you. But I guess the point of the program is to break away from the psychological hold certain foods (aka, junk food) has on you.

Now that the 30 days are up, I'm going to try and stick to the reintroduction phase as much as possible. I really miss having my vanilla creamer in my coffee, even though I know it's absolutely awful for you (I think it's made up of like 6 different kinds of sugar?!). But if that's the worse thing I'm putting into my body, I can live with that.

Have you completed the Whole 30? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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