August 8, 2016

Whole 30: Week 1

You may have seen on my Instagram story or Snapchat that I started Whole 30 on Monday, which means I'm now a week into the program. If you don't know what Whole 30 is, it's basically a "nutritional reset" where you eat real, whole foods for 30 days. That means a lot of food is off the table, like dairy, sugar, legumes and grains (i.e., everything I love). At the end of the 30 days, you're supposed to reintroduce the food you previously cut out to see how your body reacts (according to the site, certain food could be negatively impacting your health without you realizing it). 

I decided to jump on the Whole 30 bandwagon because I'm in serious need of a reset; I have the eating habits of a 6-year-old child. I love food that's not-so-good for me, and have a serious sweet tooth. No bueno. Plus, I can stand to lose a few (or more...) pounds. So here I am at the end of week 1 with 22 more days to go. Here are my thoughts from the previous week:

Day 1: before the first day even started, I had a dream the night before that I cheated on the diet (there are no "cheat days" on Whole 30; if you slip, you start over. #toughshit) Not a good start (subconsciously setting myself up for failure?!)

Okay... black coffee isn't the end of the world (surprisingly ... I LOVE my sweetened vanilla creamer, so this is a big realization)

There is hidden sugar in so many food items that you wouldn't even expect ... like beef/chicken stock (what?!) and certain spices!

How am I going to survive these 30 days?? Veggies = gross (I told you I eat like a kid). Not proud of it.

Day 2: I'm hungry, again.

Day 5: I want to inhale a loaf of bread with a vanilla latte. This sucks.

Day 7: ... still hungry...

So yeah, that's where I'm currently at. I've had to cook a lot because there's just so much that's off limits if you try to eat out. A winning recipe was this chocolate chili (pictured below), but I haven't been too excited about my food, and that kinda sucks. I need to find some recipes to get me excited for the rest of the 3 weeks. BUT, I am proud of myself for making it though week 1, because this is a massive overhaul to the way you eat; it's basically paleo on steroids.

If you're interested in trying out Whole 30, check out their website. I didn't buy the book and have just been using online resources.

Have any of you successfully completed Whole 30? I'd love to hear about your experience!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love that chili and I make it all the time! I too used to be a veggie hater but over time and several failed Whole30 attempts, I've really gotten to like a lot of things! Try the chili over raw (don't cook it!) zucchini noodles. If you don't have a spiralizer just cut long,thin, skinny strips, it really beefs up the chili AND you get some veggie in! Keep trying on the veggies, honestly, you will find something that you like!


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