August 22, 2016

Whole 30: Week 3

I'm just gonna keep it real. 

This week I felt really "meh".  So if you're looking for some motivation to get you through week 3 of Whole 30, you should probably stop reading.

Here's how this week went for me:

Day 16: I'm hangry and over this diet.

Day 17: I want chocolate.

Day 20 and 21: I feel like a sad, deprived puppy.

Days 20 and 21 were the roughest because we attended back-to-back birthday parties where I had to kindly say, "no thank you" to cake and pizza, when I really wanted to say was, "hell, yeah!"

I also got really bored with my food selection this week.  I know that's on me and I should be looking up new recipes to try, but honestly, I'm just tired of cooking and washing dishes. And I don't want any more Chipotle!

Last night I was so over it that I "cheated" and made a Whole 30 dessert. It's not technically cheating because the ingredients are compliant, but it's what the program calls, "having sex with your pants on." But I don't care, I needed a little fix and frankly, it wasn't all that. I'm just tired of fruit as "dessert."

I'm hoping I feel a little better this week and finally experience the "tiger blood" they speak of.  Just 8 more days to go!


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