December 28, 2016

101 in 1001

101 in 1001
I recently read about this idea of accomplishing 101 things in 1001 days. It's basically a combination of a to-do/bucket list for 1001 days. I usually don't make New Year Resolutions because I never keep them, so I thought that the idea of "101 in 1001" would be an interesting alternative to tackle as we head into 2017. I started on Christmas Day [weird, I know], but only because one of the things I wanted to do was attend a midnight mass. So I already get to cross an item off the list! Let's see how much more I can accomplish!

Start Date: December 25, 2016
End Date: September 22, 2019

1.  Take a pilates class

2.  Try a Kangoo Club class

3.  Find a hairdresser I love

4.  Run a 5k

5.  Volunteer in church

6.  Get active in community service

7.  Clean out e-mail inbox [March 30, 2017]

8.  Work out everyday for one month

9.  Do a second round of Whole 30 post baby

10.  Give spin class a second chance

11.  Attend a midnight mass [December 25, 2016]

12.  Drink half my body weight in ounces of water everyday for a month

13.  Read a book a week for a month

14.  Find a new primary care doctor

15.  Wake up early for two weeks for quiet time

16.  Find a skincare routine I love

17.  Meal prep for two weeks

18.  Go to bed at 10pm for two weeks

19.  Buy a new camera before baby girl's arrival [January 18, 2017]

20.  Learn how to use said camera by actually reading the manual [February 2017]

21.  Invest in a nice lens [January 18, 2017]


22.  Look into teaching a legal course

23.  Finish MCLEs


24.  Print out photos for A's frames [January 18, 2017]

25.  Print photos for a black & white photo gallery [January 18, 2017]

26.  Update frames around the house

27.  Organize renovation ideas for the new house

28.  Finish reno on the new house

29.  Decorate the new house

30.  Start & finish baby girl's nursery

31.  Make an earthquake kit

32.  Buy host chairs for the dining table

33.  Clean out and organize the kitchen junk drawer [March 28, 2017]

34.  Organize A's toys

35.  Organize A's books

36.  Organize makeup cube

37.  Clean out and organize closet [December 30, 2016]

38.  Have a housewarming party at the new house

39.  Buy a new bedroom set

40.  Buy new couches [January 11, 2017]


41.  Finish A's first year video montage [January 4, 2017]

42.  Finish A's first year photo album [January 10, 2017]

43.  Work on A's growth chart

44.  Buy a baby album for baby girl [February 10, 2017]

45.  Work on pregnancy updates for baby girl [May 19, 2017]

46.  Look into hiring a doula for baby #2 [February 10, 2017]

47.  Research VBAC [June 10, 2017]

48.  Take a hospital tour for baby #2 [February 12, 2017]

49.  Buy (non-hideous) nursing bras

50.  Pack the hospital bag [May 31, 2017]

51.  Organize A's keepsake box [January 12, 2017]

52.  Plan A's second birthday [April 2, 2017]

53.  Decide on a preschool for A to attend [February 10, 2017]

54.  Decide on a name for baby girl before her arrival [June 17, 2017]

55. Find a photographer for a maternity/newborn shoot [February 2017]

Los Angeles

56.  Explore Pasadena

57.  Explore Old Towne Orange

58.  Try 5 new restaurants

59.  Have a staycation at the Langham or Terranea

60.  Go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market

61.  Stay at the Ojai Valley Inn

62.  Have a spa day at the Montage Beverly Hills

63.  Visit the Beverly Hills Hotel

64.  Be cliche and take a picture in front of the "pink wall"

65.  Visit the Greystone Mansion & Gardens

66.  Go to Will Rogers State Beach

67.  Go to the Seaside Lagoon

68.  Explore downtown LA for a day

69.  Go to the Micheltorena Stairs

70.  Ride the Echo Park Pedal Boats

71.  Go see the Chandelier Tree

72.  Go to Ascot Hills Park

73.  Go to Santa Anita Park

74.  Go to El Matador State Beach

75.  See all the cliche stops in Palm Springs


76.  Take A to Disneyland (again) before baby girl's arrival [April 5, 2017]

77.  Have a spa day with my mom and sisters

78.  Host a holiday at the new house

79.  Put together mom's recipes

80.  Take a girls trip [February 17, 2017] [March 10, 2017]

81.  Take a cooking class

82.  Take a floral arrangement class

83.  Take a photography class [February 6, 2017]

84.  Take a calligraphy class

85.  Take A to Underwood Family Farms

86.  See 3 classic movies

87.  Have a pink Christmas after baby girl's arrival

88.  Throw a Halloween party

89.  Play a game of soccer

90.  Go miniature golfing [May 28, 2017]

91.  Have a picnic

92.  Go wine tasting (post-baby, obviously)

93.  Take a vineyard trip

94.  Find a podcast to listen to

95.  Go to Sky Zone

96.  See the Grand Canyon

97.  Go to Vegas for the J.Lo concert [no judging] [February 18, 2017]

98.  Schedule my free Sephora makeover before it expires

99.  Buy a new laptop [January 5, 2017]

100.  Cancel the extra Netflix account [December 27, 2016]

101.  Finish this list



  1. For spin class, I swear by Cycle House! Allyson's classes are my favorite- she's the absolute best. Make sure you stop by Haven Gastropub when you're exploring Old Town Orange- the yummiest comfort food, and delish wine!


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