December 13, 2017

Pink Christmas Home Tour

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If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that Christmas is my favorite holiday. It's so cliche, but it really is the most wonderful time of year. You just feel that Christmas spirit. It's also my favorite holiday to decorate for; in fact, I don't really go all out for any other holiday but Christmas.

The last couple years, we've gone with a classic red theme. But after I found out I was pregnant with Hannah and would be having a girl, I immediately envisioned having a pink Christmas for our sweet girl's first Christmas. I honestly didn't get too crazy with the decor since we'll be moving soon and I got lazy, but I still wanted to make it feel special since it's not only her first Christmas, but our last one in this house. Next year we'll be in our new home and you better believe I'm going to go all out.  :-)

Pink stocking here
Started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year, even though Adam still doesn't get it lol

Added a few Christmas pillows to the mix. Mirror can be found here. Wreath was a Homegoods score.

Similar deer

Felt wreath here

Letterboard here

This is the first time I've decorated our bedroom and I like it! Magnolia wreath from Magnolia Market
Love the ambience of a Christmas tree


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