June 17, 2020

Baby Registry and First Year Essentials

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I often get asked by my first-time mama friends for my "must-have" registry items, so I started to keep a running list on my phone notepad. Since my due date is just around the corner, I thought I'd write out a comprehensive blog post both to refresh my own memory (you really do forget so much) and to serve as an easy reference in the future. So here we go!

1. The Nose Frida. The whole process looks nasty but I promise it's not and it's a lifesaver! 

2. A Boppy Pillow will make feedings so much easier.

3. Swaddles: every baby will be different in terms of their swaddle preference, so a lot of this will be trial and error. But Hannah liked the Swaddle UP because she liked to have her arms up.

4. I used the HALO Bassinest with both my kids and plan on using it again with this baby.

5. Bottles are another baby-particular item that you'll have to experiment with. I had good luck with the Dr. Brown's, but all the parts are annoying to wash.

8. If you plan on breastfeeding, call your insurance for your free pump! With my kids I used the Medela Pump in Style. It's convenient because it's easy to find whatever extra parts you may need, like valves, shields and accessories. This time around I'm going to try out the Spectra S2.

9. A stroller: this will be another personal choice and I suggest you visit buybuyBaby to "test drive" different strollers. We used the UPPAbaby Cruz with both kids and I really do love it. It's lightweight yet durable and has ample storage space. When I need a double stroller, I use the City Select (that I got as a hand-me-down) and it's definitely not my favorite. It's heavy with 2 kids sitting in it and really hard to turn.

10. A car seat: another personal preference. We used the the Chicco KeyFit 30.

11. A diaper bag: I highly recommend one that can be used as a backpack, because trust me, you're gonna want to be hands-free. I used the Honest Company one for the longest time, but it ended up wearing out. This time I'm trying out the Happ Brand bag.

12. A multi-use cover: for the car seat, nursing and shopping carts (once you're baby is actually able to sit in them).

13. A play mat/gym

16. Desitin for diaper rashes

17. A grooming kit

18. Onesies: newborns will spend most of their day in a onesie and swaddle. For pajamas, do yourself a favor and stick to the ones with zippers instead of buttons. Trying to line-up all the buttons in the middle of the night with a wiggling baby is like an Olympic sport. Make your life (a little bit) easier and just zip that baby up!

19. A baby carrier and/or wrap

20. Crib Sheet Protectors to make clean-up easier when there's a leaky diaper

22. Nipple Cream and nursing pads for leakage. I remember having visitors over after Adam was born and when I looked down at my shirt, I saw a ring of breastmilk around my boob LOL. Trust me, get the pads.

23. Nursing bras and tops

24. Pacifiers: will also be baby specific, but this one is popular with most babies. 

25. A postpartum girdle: I used the Bellefit because they have one specifically for c-sections.

That's it! Not that much, right? LOL I know this can be so overwhelming, especially if it's your first baby, but just know that it DOES go by fast and you honestly just learn as you go. For such little people, babies need a lot of crap and constant attention, but it gets easier, I promise! And if you have any questions at all, or your own registry must-haves, please leave them in the comments below. You got this, mama!


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