April 12, 2021

A Dino 6th Birthday

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"The days are long but the years are short." As mamas, we've heard this phrase so many times, but man is it oh-so-true. I can't believe my biggest is six! It literally feels like just yesterday when I was planning his first birthday, and yet here we are. Don't blink, mamas!

With the thick of COVID last year, we didn't get to have a proper celebration. I had originally planned to do a joint hip-hop birthday for both my kids, but those plans obviously got derailed and we ended up doing a drive-by party instead. This year, I was really over the whole drive-by thing, so I decided to have an outdoor celebration instead. And just seeing the sheer joy on his face as his family and friends sang him "happy birthday" made me tear-up. It's been such a hard year on everyone, especially our little ones, so it was such a gift to truly celebrate.

He's been really into dinosaurs lately, so that was the theme I went for this year. After re-doing my girl's room, I knew I wanted to get my boy new bedding for his birthday this year, and this was the set that inspired the whole celebration (I'm hoping to do his room tour soon). It was a pretty easy party to put together: a balloon arch kit off Amazonsome festive Dino plates and of course, treats (my amazing sister made the chocolate-dipped strawberries!)  For party favors, I filled these bags with Whoppers from Dollar Tree and added this cute sticker and told the kids it was dinosaur poop lol. It was such a fun day, and I'm so happy my biggest little got to have a real birthday party this year.


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