August 12, 2012

The Demons Within Us

Last month my husband and I saw the Geffen's adaptation of William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel, "The Exorcist," staring Brooke Shields and Richard Chamberlain.  Since the novel's release, its story about a girl's demonic possession has captivated people for years.  There is something about this story that haunts us because it is real.  While we may not be possessed with the devil as portrayed in the story, we all have our own intimate demons within us that we constantly battle.  The devil comes in all forms, from greed, envy and pride, and knows how to consume you.  There is a line in the play that says that the "devil functions as a terrorist by disseminating fear and doubt.  His power comes from making us afraid and from instilling doubt and despair in us"; it is this doubt and despair that then sprouts the intimate demons within us.

What are your demons?


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