December 27, 2013


Today's post concludes my "Friday Flip" series (you can see the first post here).  I've now gone through the house's interior, so today I'm wrapping up with the exterior.  Brace yourself, because the exterior wasn't any better than the "before" photos you've already seen:

Here we are excited with the purchase of our first house, blissfully ignorant of the amount of work that awaited us :)

Looks like a creepy, haunted house, doesn't it?


Like night and day, right?  What a difference some stucco and pavers can make!

More of the "before" front

And the "after"

This was the backyard, which was a pretty decent size.  But everything up until where you see the house on the left side eventually became part of the addition.

As you can see from the "after" photo, we did lose backyard space because of the addition.  BUT, we gained "house" space with the living room/master closet and still had some backyard left over.

So, that concludes my house remodel series.  I hope you found some of it helpful. If you're in the process of working on your own home and have any questions, please feel free to ask.  It is an overwhelming process, but it IS worth it.  Good luck!



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