December 24, 2013


I have been fortunate enough to have done some traveling in my life (so far), but there is still so much of the world I have yet to see.  I'm going to start documenting the places where I've already been as a reminder of what I have (and haven't) seen.  Also, I seem to have an awful memory when it comes to traveling, because if someone asks me for recommendations on hotels, restaurants, activities, etc., I can't remember the name of anything!  At least this way I'll have these things in writing!

So, first place on my list is Hawaii (Maui and Waikiki) where we spent a good 10 days for our honeymoon in September 2011.  Now I know lots of people who are huge Hawaii fans, but honestly, we weren't THAT impressed.  Yeah it's pretty, but we got bored.  It's probably our fault because 10 days in Hawaii is just overkill, but we didn't know any better at the time.  We literally did every activity Hawaii has to offer (we even swam with sharks, I mean, really?!) because we were there for so long.  Maui is all honeymooners and families, and everything shuts down at like 8/9:00 p.m.  Waikiki is like a Japanese version of Rodeo Drive (all Japanese tourists, all high-end shops).  Maybe we're spoiled here in So Cal with our beaches, but I just feel like if I really want to spend that much time on a beach, I can do it here, locally.  This was the first time either of us had been to Hawaii, and we probably won't be back until we have kids.  Not trying to burst anyone's bubble, but that's my 2 cents on Hawaii!

We stayed at The Westin in Maui.  Side note, the picture on the top right is proof that I have a phone problem.  Or that I was bored lol.

We were not at all impressed with Hawaii's food, but Mama's Fish House was AMAZING.  If you're in Maui, go!

The view from dinner at Merriman's

In Waikiki, we stayed at The Outrigger
Zip lining was by far my favorite activity.  I was terrified to go at first, but it was so much fun!  Highly recommend it.


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