January 2, 2014


For our one-year anniversary, we decided to forego a beachy vacation (we had had enough of that via Hawaii) and instead do an east coast trip.  Work was crazy busy at the time, so I couldn't take off a ton of time to visit all the cities we wanted to go to.  Since neither one of us had been to Washington, D.C. and Boston, those were the cities we settled on.  Not your typical anniversary trip, but I'm glad I now have those places crossed off my list!

We went to D.C. first since we wanted to spend our actual anniversary in Boston. Both cities were like real-life refresher courses in American history.  But when you're in D.C., the capital of our country, you really do feel proud to be an American.

We stayed at The Willard hotel in D.C. which is beautiful and in a great location.  Even the hotel itself was so full of history.  And I of course, being the law nerd that I am, had to see the Supreme Court of the United States of America (those gold doors pictured above).  But just as my luck would have it, it was under construction!  Of course we visited all the monuments as well, which are pretty awesome to see in person.  Tip on the Lincoln Memorial: go see it during the day AND at night.  It's pretty amazing.

After D.C. we were off to Boston.  To me, Boston is reminiscent of San Francisco, where I've left behind many fond law school memories.  So anything that reminds me of SF goes down as a plus in my book.

In Boston, we stayed at the Copley Square Hotel which was also in a good location, but was under construction at the time.  Now, one of the best moments we had in Boston was eating at Atlantic Fish.  Hands down, the best clam chowder I've ever had.  If you're in Boston, go.  We also took a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery which was pretty fun.

All in all, our east coast trip was enjoyable and I'd definitely go back for more!



  1. Hi Juliet! Stopping by from Perfectly Coutured. I love your blog and I am following on Bloglovin'! Hope you have time to stop by my blog and if you follow along we can stay in touch!

    1. Hi Monica! Thanks so much for following along! I will definitely check out your blog!


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