November 5, 2014

Beauty in Death

One of my favorite things about Fall is the color of the changing leaves. When the leaves start changing from green to the yellow, orange and reds, they're dying. But then they turn green again in the Spring. Ironically, when the leaves are dying is when I find them to be in their most beautiful state. So if God can create such beauty in death through a leaf, what about through us? The Bible says that we will have a new, perfect body in heaven. So as much as we fear death, shouldn't we, as Believers, see the beauty that comes through it? By our human nature, we're attached to our loved ones and grieve over them upon their passing. But we should take comfort in knowing that, just like a Fall leaf, our bodies are beautifully transformed through death and we will eventually turn "green" again, but now with a perfect, heavenly body.


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