April 1, 2015

A Letter To My Son

My Dearest Son:

Yesterday was your official due date, but so far there's no sign of you making your entrance quite yet. While we haven't "met", I've been carrying your life for the past 40 weeks. As I now prepare for your birth day, I have so many wishes for your life once you enter this world.

First, I pray that you become a Godly man. Life won't be easy; people will hurt you and circumstances will disappoint you. However, life will also be beautiful. I hope that you seek the Lord's guidance in all that you do. Listen to Him and follow. Know that He is always watching over you, even when you can't feel His presence. Also know that at times, you may feel like there's a void in your life. This void cannot be filled by earthly things. Rather, it is God calling you to Him. Listen.

Learn to forgive. Holding a grudge will only hurt you more in the end. Let go of anger.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone is battling some kind of struggle, so be patient and be kind.

Don't take yourself too seriously. Be silly. Be weird. Laugh at yourself.

Have courage and take risks.

Never be arrogant. Always stay humble and remember that things can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. This goes for anything in your life. So thank God for His blessings.

Never take your health for granted. Take care of yourself and make your health a priority.

Always invest in your education. No one can ever take it away from you.

Respect women. And your elders.

Be honest. Always. We unfortunately live in a world where many people lack integrity. Never, ever become one of these people.

Be responsible in all aspects of your life. Whether it's overseeing responsibilities or taking responsibility for your actions, own it.

Be the kind of person who brings joy and light into other people's lives.

Be loyal. To your family, friends, and to your wife. Especially to your wife.

God willing, you'll have siblings. As the oldest, it will be your responsibility to set an example for them. It will also be your responsibility to take care of them when your dad and I are no longer around, no matter how old you are. I pray that you always remain close to them. Remember, they are your blood, and blood is thicker than water.

Work hard for what you want. Nothing in this life worth having will be simply handed to you. And even if it is, you won't feel like you earned it. So take pride in what you do and work for it, even if you fail at first.

Know that I simply wish for you to be happy. Everything I do for you is because of this wish. But I will sometimes mess up because I'm human. Please don't hold it against me or your dad. We want the best for you.

Finally, remember that your father and I love you. Unconditionally.


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