July 3, 2015


Yesterday I shared a tour of the nursery, and today I wanted to talk a little about how I decided on the key pieces of furniture.

Even though I have a boy, I didn't want any touches of blue to the room; I wanted to keep it neutral and soft (baby appropriate) with hues of gray and white (one of my favorite combos). 

When picking out the furniture, I debated between a French gray crib, or white. I ultimately decided on a white convertible crib, simply because it's classic and it would grow with our family. Being a convertible crib, I could either keep it as A's bed when he is ready to transition, OR I could keep it as a crib for baby #2. Plus, if I happen to have a baby girl next, I can use the same crib and furniture and just add some elements of blush or peach to make it feminine. I also love the clean lines on the crib, and the fact that it doesn't have a headboard; I didn't want the crib looking too "bulky."

The next piece of furniture that was actually really hard for me to pick out was the glider. I originally had my heart set out on this one, but I ultimately decided I didn't want to drop $1,000 on a chair that may or may not get a whole lot of use. Now that the baby is here, I'm glad I ended up going with the more affordable alternative. When he was a newborn, he slept in a bassinet next to my bed, so those late night feedings were done in my bed, rather than in his room. So needless to say, the chair wasn't really put to use in the first couple months. Now that he's sleeping in his crib, I do use the chair a lot more, and with that use comes some baby abuse (think, burping spit-ups). Not worth the major splurge...

All in all, I'm really happy with the way the nursery turned out. You do spend a lot of moments in this room bonding with your little one, so it's definitely important to make it cozy and just the way you want. 

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