April 21, 2016

Baby's First Year: Favorite Products

Now that I've survived the first year of mommyhood (!), I wanted to go ahead and share some of my favorite products for the new mamas, or mamas-to-be, out there.

Favorite Products for Baby's First Year
  1. Diaper bag: a roomy diaper bag is a must. What I really like about this Honest Company bag is the insulated pocket for bottles.
  2. WubbaNub: the first time I heard this word I was like, "what the hell is that?" It's your life saver, that's what. Before the WubbaNub, A would spit out his pacifier and I'd have to find it and give it back to him. We played this not-so-fun game all day long. But with this pacifier, the cute animal on the end basically acts like a weight so that it doesn't go astray when baby spits it out. And once your little one realizes he has hands, he can pick it up himself! I love this thing.
  3. Baby Einstein Musical Toy: A was never really into toys (still isn't), but for some reason, he took a liking to this one. Maybe it's the music this particular one plays, but I still carry it in my diaper bag in case I need to offer up some entertainment.
  4. Sleep Sheep Sound Machine: we used this white noise machine pretty much every night until we sleep trained (more on that below). It has a few different sounds you can choose from (A liked the whales and the rain), and it really helped soothe him to sleep, especially during the newborn days. Now I can't help but feel nostalgic when I hear those whales.
  5. Electric Sterilizer: because I breastfed throughout the first year, I had to constantly sterilize A's bottles and my breast pump parts. This machine makes sterilizing super easy. Just add some water, place your bottles/parts in the machine, and push a button. 
  6. Moccasins: A isn't really a fan of shoes and constantly pulls them off. Except for these. He can't get to these because of the way they fit with the elastic.
  7. UPPAbaby Cruz: we tested out a lot of strollers before we decided on the one we wanted and the UPPAbaby Cruz won for two main reasons: (1) it's lightweight and easy to fold up; and (2) it has a large storage bin. I believe the UPPAbaby Vista is a newer and bigger model, and while it does have a large storage bin, I nixed it because there's a large rod in the middle of the bin. This mama needs all the storage room she can get, especially while shopping with baby.
  8. HALO Swivel Bassinet: this bassinet was a life saver for me. Because I had to have a C-Section, getting out of bed during the recovery period sucked. Imagine doing that in your sleep deprived state at 2:30 a.m. to tend to your crying newborn. The HALO bassinet cut that part out for me. Because it swivels, I would just move A into my bed without having to get up and out of bed myself.
  9. Velcro Swaddles: I don't know about other babies, but my kid was able to escape the tightest swaddle like it was nobody's business. The velcro swaddles shut that down pretty quickly.
  10. Ferber's Book: I understand that sleep training is a controversial topic, but to each their own. We Ferberized A when he was old enough to be sleep trained (I believe around 4 months) and haven't looked back since. I also had him on a Babywise routine (not schedule), which helped as well.
  11. Rock n Play Sleeper: This. This thing is holy grail. Especially for a newborn. While I tried to get A to sleep in his bassinet for the first month, he sometimes just wouldn't have it. But he LOVED the rock n play and some nights, it would be the only way anyone in our house could get some sleep. I think it's the way it snugs them (reminiscent of the womb?), but they love it. I used this thing day (as his "chair") and night (as a "bassinet").
Anyway, those are some of my first year favorites and if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them my way. And enjoy the first year, mommies. It is hard, but it goes by super fast. Good luck! :-)



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