September 17, 2016

Five Years

Five years. How did we get here?

Five years of marriage equals:
  • 2 apartments
  • 3 home purchases
  • 20 cities and 3 countries
  • 2 practice moves
  • 2 pregnancies and 1 beautiful, baby boy, who is the light of our life
  • 17 months of parenthood
  • 2 career changes
  • Endless love and laughter.
Cheers to forever more.

Juliet & George Thank You from Wind Productions on Vimeo.



  1. Loved watching your wedding video! Everything looked beautiful. Many more years to come for you both and your growing family!! Makes me so excited for my own wedding day.

    Lauren xo // The Right to Remain Fabulous

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! When is the big day?! Savor every moment of it, because it flies!


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