January 28, 2017

Week 20 Bumpdate

How far along? 20 weeks

Size of baby: Mango (6.5 inches, 10 oz)

Weight gain: 10 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yup! 

Stretch marks: None so far, thank God!

Symptoms: Just a general feeling of being tired

Cravings: Carbs and junk food :/

Gender: All girl, which was confirmed at her anatomy scan this week!

Mood: Can't believe I'm officially half-way there! This pregnancy is going by a lot faster than my first!

Nursery: Still have some general ideas, but no official planning yet.

Movement: Pretty sure that's her I'm feeling, way deep inside!

Sleep: It's been okay.

Workouts: Meh. Need to kick my butt into gear.

What I miss: Being not pregnant lol

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really, but I'm still grossed out by meat.

Best moment this week: Seeing her on the anatomy scan and hearing her heartbeat 

Labor signs? Nope

Looking forward to: Feeling more pronounced movement

And for comparison, A on the left, Baby Girl on the right. I'm so much more rounder with her! Oy.

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