May 9, 2017

ToteSavvy & Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review

ToteSavvy Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review
Diaper bags: I've gone through my fair share of them at this point, because when you leave the house with a baby, you only need to remember 83458584 items, even if it is just a quick errand, because you neverrrr know. But sometimes you get tired of lugging around the diaper bag and miss those things you had pre-baby: purses! So when I heard about how you can turn almost any purse into a diaper bag with ToteSavvy, I was really intrigued. But I held off because I thought $75 for a diaper bag organizer was honestly kind of steep. But then I had a playdate with one of my cousins and she happened to have one and convinced me to buy it. So I waited until they had a sale (they almost always do, right now they have 20% off!) and finally pulled the trigger. So far I've been using it with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM but I was previously using it with the Neverfull MM so I've included photos of both for comparison. It is a tighter fit with the MM, but it definitely still works! Also, A doesn't require as much stuff as he did before, so I actually have some spare pockets. However, I don't know if it would work once baby comes along and I need stuff for both kids. But for my current situation, it definitely works and is a nice break from the diaper bag.

So let's start with what I actually have in my ToteSavvy before we compare the fit in the LV MM versus GM. I went with the soft grey color because I had my eyes set on the Damier Azure Canvas bag with the Rose Ballerine interior (again, at my cousin's convincing) and love the way the grey looks in the bag. But I was previously using it with my Neverfull MM that has a red interior and it's also fine. But for reference, the ToteSavvy also comes in black, coffee, magenta and red, so there are definitely options to choose from. 
So on one side of the insert, I keep my cellphone, Extra Card Book, a change of clothes for A and some of my random stuff like sunglasses, lipgloss, mints, etc. It all fits pretty well.
On the inside of the insert, I keep A's water bottle in the insulated pocket, snack pouches, wipes, diapers, my wallet, keys (the insert comes with a hook for that) and Cheerios (I absolutely cannot leave my house without those, A's favorite). There's also an insert for the changing pad the insert comes with.

The other side of the insert is for paper, a tablet or iPad.

So as you can see, I managed to fit a lot into the ToteSavvy with some room to spare. The best thing is that it's all organized and I know where each item is.

Now for how the insert fits into the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM versus MM. As you'll see, it works really well in the GM with room to spare.

You can even cinch in the sides of the bag and it's a perfect fit.

Below are some pictures of the fit in the Neverfull MM. It's definitely much tighter, but it still works!

I hope this review helped if you're considering buying a ToteSavvy, and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

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  2. I just came across your blog, I want to order one for my MM but keep going back and forth on getting the original or mini size. I still would like to carry my calendar and a couple items do you think it would fit with the original size?

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