May 19, 2017

Week 36 Bumpdate

Photo by Jordan Zobrist
Maternity Dress found here

So you know how some women carry pregnancy really well and just look so cute with their adorable little bumps? Well I'm definitely not one of them (LOL). I am officially 9 months pregnant and not only does it certainly show, but man am I feeling it! I don't remember being this uncomfortable with Adam; maybe I'm bigger, or maybe it's because this time I'm chasing a toddler all day, but it's just getting miserable (I don't want to be a complainer but I'm just keepin' it real). Yesterday I went out to run some errands and for a second I thought I was maybe going into labor; the frequent cramps (Braxton Hicks?) made me think I was having contractions. Who knows. I mean, as much as I am SO ready to not be pregnant anymore, she needs to stay put for just a bit longer.

I had my "fun" 36-week checkup yesterday where they draw blood, swab you for Group B Strep ("GBS") and give you your Tdap vaccine... good times. She's measuring ahead by about a week/week-and-a-half at 7 pounds (BUT, the machine overcompensates so the measurements aren't very accurate). While I was seeing my doctor every 2 weeks, at this point we're going to start our weekly appointments; we're finally in the homestretch! And even though I had my baby sprinkle last week (I got tons of adorable baby outfits, can't wait!), I still feel like I'm not ready for this girl LOL. My makeshift nursery (pending our move) isn't finished, I haven't washed her clothes and I haven't even packed the hospital bag yet. I know I still have 4 weeks (if I make it that long), but at the same time, I ONLY have 4 more weeks! I think I'll try to visit BuyBuy Baby this weekend to stock up on some new baby essentials and test out the double strollers (suggestions, mamas?)

According to my pregnancy app, baby girl is the size of a cantaloupe at 19-22 inches and 6 pounds (but like I said above, I may have a bigger baby on my hands). I'm still getting comments from people (family and strangers) about my size. Between the "oh wows" (and not in a good way), and my entire family trying to convince me at my sprinkle that I'm having a boy because I'm sticking out so much, it just gets old. Here's the general rule of thumb, people: never, ever, comment on a pregnant woman's body (unless you're going to tell her how beautiful she looks, even if she looks like sh*t). We all own mirrors and are well-aware of our size; we don't need the constant reminders. You wouldn't normally comment on a woman's body if she wasn't pregnant, so a pregnancy is no exception to that rule. Got it? Mmmmk, thanks!

Right now I think I'm up about 34 pounds (I need to get an exact number from my doctor next week). I think with Adam I gained about 35ish pounds, so it looks like I may gain more with this one (which I deserve since I haven't been holding back with my cravings). The way I see it (which is a horrible perspective lol) is that I have 4 more weeks to be a fat-ass and then I have no more excuses LOL.

In terms of symptoms, everything just aches, from my back to my vagina (TMI? lol) Because there isn't much room left for her in there, her movements are no longer kicks, they're rolls and they're uncomfortable! Sleeping is "meh" because I literally have to wake up in order to rotate from side-to-side (cue Ariana Grande) or to pee. 

As much as I complain, though, I'm trying to remind myself to soak up these last few weeks where it's just me and Adam. As excited as I am to give him a sibling, I've been getting crazy "hormotional" about him no longer being my only baby; it's bittersweet, to say the least.

OH. MY. GOSH. How much bigger can I get?!
I didn't have a 36 week photo with Adam, so here's my comparison between being 35 weeks with him and 36 weeks with baby girl. I feel so much bigger!

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