April 30, 2019

A Fourth Fiesta Birthday

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Hi guys! Today I wanted to share the details of Adam's Fourth Fiesta Birthday party. Having gone from planning Hannah's Floral First birthday, which was super girly and feminine, this fiesta theme was a nice, colorful change. It's such a fun theme and easy to get carried away with all the vibrant decor, but I really tried to tame myself this year. So this was my attempt at keeping it low key. At the end of the day, it still ends up being more work than you think, but it's honestly so worth it. Just seeing how excited and overjoyed he was because of his party made ME happy. The things you'll do for your kids. Anyway, I hope this gives you some inspiration and if you're looking for more, check out my Fiesta Pinterest board.

While sending out an Evite would make my life easier, I like to make their invitations and print at least one out so that I can save it for them as a memory. I made the invitation on Photoshop with this clipart.

Fourth Fiesta Birthday

I set up a DIY maracas station for the kids, which was super easy. All you need are some colorful Easter eggs, coffee beans (or rice), plastic spoons and washi tape. It was a big hit with the kids and kept them entertained.

For party favors, I found these adorable mini piñatas at the 99 cent store! They have some seriously cute party supplies so definitely check them out.

What's a fiesta without some margaritas?! Plus, the adults appreciate it, especially when you have 20+ kids running around cracked out on piñata candy.

After making my first balloon arch for Hannah's party and realizing how easy it was, I feel like I have to do it for every party because you get some serious bang for your buck. If you're looking for a tutorial, I have one on Instagram both on IGTV and saved under my "DIY" story highlight.  The backdrop was also really easy to make. You can find that tutorial here.

The adorable and delicious cake is from my tried and true, Zozo Bean Bakery.


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