March 27, 2020

Amazon Essentials for Toddlers: Quarantine Edition

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quarantine toddler activities

Now that we're going on two weeks of this COVID quarantine, I thought I'd put together a post on some home activities I found on Amazon for my kids to do. I know how hard it is to keep young kids entertained and engaged all day, especially when you can't leave the house, so hopefully some of these activities will buy you mamas some quiet time (and sanity).

Bathtime Basketball Hoop:  bath time is now considered an activity we do to breakup the day, so I got this hoop to give them something to do while in the bath.

Flower Garden: I saw this toy on Katie Lamb's story and thought it would be something creative to keep the kids busy.

Brain Flakes: another activity recommended by Katie. My kids love to build things, so this should keep them busy for a while.

Cutting and Pasting Book: Adam LOVES to cut things out and he's already gone through this whole book. 

Finger Paint Pad: Because what kid doesn't like to paint?

Spill-Proof Paint Cups: Just because they like to paint doesn't mean it has to be messy!

Kindergarten Workbook: Adam can spend a solid hour (at least) working in his workbooks, so I ordered this one since he's already gone through one.

PocketPros: Because he can go through his workbooks pretty fast, I got him these pocket pros so he can re-use the sheets later on.

Sight Word Readers: He's been really loving these sight word books that are geared towards teaching them how to read. The set also comes with a mini workbook.

Sight Words Flashcards: A nice set to go along with the readers.

Balance Pods: I got these to create a mini obstacle course for them in the house.

Suction Squigs: Hannah loves working with these. They can be used in the bath or on glass. It's a good upper body exercise for them.

Arts and Crafts Set: If you're not in the mood to make your own arts and crafts set for each kid, this is an awesome option.


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